"I am proud to support Jen Burgess as the NDP candidate for the constituency of Calgary Glenmore in the upcoming provincial election. I first knew Jen as a talented organizer and party activist. Later, while I was Minister of Transportation, Jen worked as my Ministerial Advisor. I was impressed by her work ethic and her grasp of complex policy issues. But more importantly, I appreciated her commitment to social equity and especially her ability to connect with regular people. I have no doubt that Jen will be a superb candidate and an excellent MLA."

Brian Mason, Former MLA for Edmonton Highlands-Norwood, Leader of the Alberta NDP, and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

Photo credit: Connor Mah



"Jen is committed to community and ensuring there is a bright future for all Calgarians especially for our children. She does more than talk. She acts and lives her values. Raising a young family, being a resident of Calgary Glenmore and working behind the scenes in government and on provincial political campaigns, Jen is uniquely qualified to represent the people of Calgary Glenmore now and in the future."

- Jan Damery, Community Leader and 2021 Mayoral Candidate


"Jen lives in Calgary Glenmore and has deep roots in the community having served on the locally community association board and advocating for transit to be expended to the area. I will be out door knocking with Jen and I hope you will too."

- Brian Malkinson, Glenmore member and former Minister of Service Alberta



"I have known Jen for many years as a capable, compassionate, and thoughtful community advocate. She managed my winning CBE campaign for Wards 11/13 and continued to work hard to make Calgary a better place.

We need candidates who have a record of fighting for their communities. From my experience it is not only essential for a candidate to advocate for the community they serve but also living in the community is essential to truly understand  the people you represent. For all of these reasons- that is why I am supporting Jen!"

-Julie Hrdlicka, Former Calgary Board of Education Trustee for Wards 11/13

Julie Hrdlicka endorses Jen Burgess



"Jen has been a strong voice for women in her community for the many years I have known her. As a mental health specialist and the former Associate Minister of Health, I know how important it is for women to have advocates who can represent them and their families in the legislature. Jen's experience in government and in community organizing makes her the best candidate to beat the UCP in the next election"

- Brandy Payne, Mental Health Specialist, former Associate Minister of Health



"Jennifer Burgess is a prime example of what the progressive future for both Calgary and Alberta could become. The value she places upon our education, health care and all other social services is matched only by her commitment to her local community. Through good times and bad she will always stay in the fight for her constituents and embodies all the best qualities of an NDP candidate."

- Chris Somoya, Glenmore member, Past President of Calgary Glenmore NDP Constituency Association



"When Rachel Notley called Jen in 2019 and asked her to be the candidate for Calgary Glenmore in the next election, I was excited by the prospect of a better future in my community. I believe in Jen because she has community and political experience. I have seen her dedication turned into action first-hand. She will make an exceptional MLA. She has deep roots in this community, and she is a person who shows up for the people she cares about. It is our great good fortune that she wants to show up in the legislature for us."

- Dany Allard, Glenmore member, Former Vice President of the Calgary Glenmore Constituency Association and 16-year Calgary Glenmore Resident



“We need more strong, dedicated and principled women elected to the Alberta legislature to stand up for families, our communities and working people. For Calgary-Glenmore, that person is Jen Burgess.
Jen knows Glenmore. This is her community. And with over a decade of experience advocating and standing up for it, it’s one she loves and cares deeply about.
Confirming Jen as the NDP candidate for Calgary-Glenmore will get us one-step closer to having the kind of strong voice we need for our neighbourhoods. One we can trust to get results.”

- Terry Parker, Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta



"As soon as I saw Jen Burgess was running for my riding, I sought her out immediately. I was impressed with her intelligence, compassion, and willingness to explore issues from many different perspectives.  What impressed me the most was her commitment to policies based on the best interests of the community, and accountability to her constituents."  

-Tarra RileyGlenmore member, Executive Coach Astara Coaching



“I believe that Jen Burgess is the right candidate to represent the NDP because I have full faith that Jen will work to support LGBTQ2S+ rights and our public schools."

- Sylviane Allard, Glenmore member, grade 11 student and member of the LGBTQ2S+ community



"It is my pleasure to give my endorsement for Jennifer Burgess as she seeks the nomination to be the NDP candidate for Calgary Glenmore. 

For over a decade Jennifer has been a hard-working member of her community. She is passionate and caring about her fellow constituents and would make an excellent candidate in the election"

- Scott Crichton, Vice President, IBEW Local 424



"I would like to endorse Jennifer Burgess as ANDP candidate for Calgary Glenmore. I have known Jen for several years through her multiple volunteer roles in her community. Whether participating in a park clean up or serving on a community association Jen brings a passion together with a well utilized skill set to making her community, city, and province, a better place. I know Jen will bring her drive, genuine friendliness, skills, and ideas to the role of MLA for Calgary Glenmore. I look forward to seeing her advocating for her community in this new role."

- Sarah Milne, Chair, Alberta NDP Women's Caucus




"I first met Jen when she founded a citizen led organization to advocate for public transit. Since then, we have worked together on Rachel Notley's team helping get the Alberta NDP elected in Calgary. She has consistently been a strong voice for public education, even when speaking up wasn't easy. Her experience and passion would make her an incredible MLA for Calgary Glenmore."

- Gurmit Bhachu, public school teacher, ATA Local 38 Communications Chair