I am a community builder with over a decade of experience serving my community. My experience in government, in campaigns, and in community leadership roles demonstrates I have what it takes to win in the next election and to be a strong representative for Calgary Glenmore.

  • Campaign Manager: I have run campaigns at all levels of government and know how to operate a competitive campaign. I know what it takes to win. 
  • Press Secretary: Working closely with MLAs when the Alberta NDP was in power gave me first-hand experience of how to be an effective representative who can drive policy change. 

  • Community Association President: Serving the community in this capacity for the past 2 years means I know the challenges people in Glenmore face because it is my job to advocate for them. 

  • Professional Communicator: I have worked with international companies to tackle complex communications and PR challenges. I know the energy industry is important in Calgary, and so is our growing tech sector, not-for-profits, and city building capabilities. I have experience working in all these sectors.

  • Committed NDP Member: The fact that I have been an active NDP member for 14 years means I know the issues that are important to this party. I have been in the trenches fighting for our shared vision for Alberta for over a decade. Over time, I have built the connections, relationships, and support within our party to run a winning campaign. 


I have been called to serve my community from a young age. Growing up in a working class neighbourhood in Calgary during the Klein years I saw families like mine work long hours and still struggle to keep their head above water. I knew leaders were failing us. 

Throughout my childhood I was lucky to be surrounded by incredible mentors. I am the person I am today because of public school. I had teachers who fostered my passion for politics and activism that I will never forget.

Grassroots Change

I looked for volunteer opportunities in my community and through my work with a peace research organization, Project Ploughshares, I met an influential mentor, Julie Hrdlicka. Julie decided to run for the Alberta NDP in 2008 and I joined her team, running her phone bank. After that campaign I was hooked. We lost, but I learned how real change happens- conversation by conversation, door by door, listening to what is important to constituents. 


I am proud of the activism I have pursued throughout my life. I organized Take Back the Night marches, led a fundraising committee for the Women’s Centre, sat on the board for SOS Alberta, founded I Love YYC Transit, and co-chaired the Calgary Equal Voice Chapter. I am currently serving my second term as the President of the Braeside Community Association, advocating for my neighbourhood and a stronger city. Working hard for change is part of who am and is what I will always do for my community. 

Professional Experience

I am proud of the professional life that I have pursued in Calgary. As an alumna of the University of Calgary, my BA in English has been the foundation for my love of storytelling and community connection. I followed my passion to the UK where I earned an MA from the University of Sussex based entirely on original research. 

But my heart was always in Calgary. I returned to start my career in strategic communications. For the last 15 years I have led projects in industry, government, and not-for-profit with my communications, planning, and community relations expertise. I have worked on critical local projects like the Calgary Airport Tunnel and have travelled to lead communications for complex projects like the Panama Canal and the Iraq Common Seawater Project. I have direct experience and clear understanding of how city building and industry leadership can shape communities and countries. 

Political Experience

My love for political action has moved in parallel to my professional career. I will never forget the experience of leading Calgary outreach for Rachel Notley’s leadership campaign. And as a Ministerial Advisor to Brian Mason, and later as Press Secretary for Minister Jansen and Minister Sigurdson, I saw first hand the passion and commitment needed to drive inspired provincial policy. I know what it takes to be an effective MLA. 

I have since managed campaigns at all levels of government and I believe the teams and the infrastructure I built had lasting impacts on the political landscape of my community.

I have knocked on thousands of doors and have had hundreds of conversations with Calgarians. I know what it takes to win.

I currently lead strategic communications for social policy at the municipal level, which makes me a well-positioned advocate for Calgary Glenmore around the provincial caucus table. 

I’m proud of the change I have fought for in Alberta and I have the experience to get to work directly for my community.

Why I’m Running

I am a parent raising a family of four kids in Calgary Glenmore. My kids are why I decided to throw my hat in the ring to represent our riding. I want a healthy public education system and a sustainable economy for them, and all Albertans, to grow up in.

Glenmore is my home

If you want to predict someone’s actions, look at their track record. I have a history of leadership and social activism working for the betterment of my community. I have been a member of the Alberta NDP for over a decade; I know the party, I know the issues, and I know how to connect meaningfully with constituents. I know what it takes to run a competitive campaign, I know what it takes to win, and I have a plan to flip Calgary Glenmore. Most importantly, I know what it takes to be a great MLA.  If elected, I will continue with my track record in community service to fight for what’s important to you every single day.